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From now on, instead of explaining what asexuality is, I’m just sending people this gif


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Cosima the Advice Guru

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favorite fictional females | alison hendrix (orphan black)

"And I thank you. For scrutinizing every detail of my life since the day I moved into this fishbowl. You have pried and snooped and gossiped about me like I was your own personal laboratory subject. How would you like it if I turned your life inside out? If I told all these people that Chad, your husband, slept with the spin class instructor long before me? Well, maybe he acts that way because you BLEW THE ROOFER AT THE CABIN!



Do you need more Dylan Marron in your life? Have you been wondering how to get more of him in your consciousness? Have you been constantly excited about getting much voice yet sad about getting little face? Have you seen Whatever This Is? If not, it is highly recommended, not JUST because of all the Dylan you get, but also because the story is sweet, and really well written. The show follows the lives of three young roommates living in NYC who are always broke, at times desperate, and usually searching for some kind of connection. I am constantly impressed and excited by the caliber of non-network scripted “television” that people are creating, and I hope this trend of creating the shows and characters we want to see (as opposed to the kind that network execs THINK we want to see) continues. If you have already watched this show, keep watching! And if you haven’t, do give it a chance- it’s a show with a queer man of color as one of the leads(!!!), and he is played with such humor and nuance by my lovely friend Dylan that you will fall in love with him immediately (if you have yet to do so). I am so proud of Dylan and eager to see more work from Adam Goldman!


Here is a side by side comparison of how The New York Times has profiled Michael Brown — an 18 year old black boy gunned down by police — and how they profiled Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. 

Source for Brown, Source for Bundy.





Do you think that we haven’t been trying hard enough?

This is what happens in rape culture. Men systematically rape women, and then come up with shit like nail polish to “protect women”.

Rose, before I go… 

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The hardest thing about getting older….


The hardest thing about getting older….


"A fool who loved his king too much."

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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Why? Why would you do this? Because I think it’s gonna be a whopper, and I think you might be scared. And however scared you are, Clara, the man you are with right now, the man I hope you are with, believe me, he is more scared than anything you can imagine right now, and he…he needs you.

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